Delaware & Maryland Custom Web Design Rates

1. Custom Web Site Design & Hosting Services

  • CUSTOM MINI WEB SITE PACKAGE -- Consists of a 3-5 page static HTML responsive mobile ready website on Beach-Net! Include as much copy or as many graphics as necessary, includes Internet advertising package of 3 text links to your website from 3 applicable categories within! Index Delaware Maryland Beach Guide pages, and a link on our What's New page for at least one month.
    • Your web site is built using Responsive Web Design (RWD) technology. The need is eliminated to maintain separate web sites to accommodate mobile devices in addition to your regular web site for desktop devices. Responsive Web Sites are designed to elegantly & comfortably adjust to a wide variety of internet devices for easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling. This includes devices such as desktops and mobile web devices, Smart Phones, iPhones, Android Phones, Kindle, iPads, laptops & tablets. Responsive Design provides an across the board internet presence regardless of the device the user uses (some older devices do not apply). This is a 'one site' solution for desktop/laptop internet presence and a mobile device compatible web site (Smart Phone Friendly) package. A Desktop/Tablet/Mobile website presence at one great price.
    • Initial Responsive Mobile Ready Website Design - $750.00
    • Web Site Hosting - $60 per month on 1-year contract - $10 per month per additional page on 1-year contract until beyond 9 pages. Four items per page - $60 per screen (page) for more than 4 screens - Additional items would be $7.50/ item extra). Original art, pictures or exotic pages may incur additional time charges @ $90 per hour.
    • Custom programming -- hourly rate of $90.00/hour with a half hour minimum. **
    • Up to 5 POP email boxes - 50MB limit.

  • FULL CUSTOM WEB SITE DESIGN, HOSTING AND MAINTENANCE PACKAGE -- A website design and maintenance contract provides a full-blown static HTML Internet website, responsive & mobile ready web site design with reciprocal links on! and sites relevant to your business, graphics, regular content updates, daily checkups and search engine work is $110 per month annually and may contain any or all of these options:
    • Initial Responsive Mobile Ready Website Design - $750.00
    • Web Site Hosting - $110 per month on 1-year contract. Four items per page - $60 per screen (page) for more than 9 pages - Additional items would be $7.50/ item extra). Original art, pictures or exotic pages may incur additional time charges @ $90 per hour.
    • Domain Name/Virtual Host -- Registration of domain name and virtual host for "" $75.00 thru Networks Solutions for 3 years.
    • V-Cart Shopping Cart Maintenance -- $300 per year.
    • osCommerce eCommerce Application Install and Configure -- $400 one time + $100/yr for secure server.
    • Shopping Cart product setup fee -- $2.50 per item line over basic site design fee ($7.50 with picture).
    • Page Additions -- $60 per page (Includes 4 photo's, 4 shopping cart items).
    • Custom programming -- hourly rate of $90.00/hour with a half hour minimum. **
    • Up to 10 POP email boxes - 50MB limit.

2. Custom Dynamic Databased Real Estate Website & eCommerce Solutions

  • Real Estate RETS MLS or IDX Module Lease (SCAOR or CAR : Real Estate Transaction Standard) with detailed MLS IDX RETS database search. Real Estate property detail pages and Google API GEO-Mapping or LAT-LONG Google Map if available and our Similar Properties Module which displays 4 properties on the property detail page in the price range of the property being viewed - (package one time fee) $500.00 ** ($750 for Responsive Web Design)**

    Additional Real Estate add-on modules available:

    • Real Estate Website Rental Module (includes rate grid, availability calendar & Google Mapping) - $1,750.00 **
    • Rental Module Rate Grid and Availability Calendar add-ons available individually. - $500.00** each
    • Detailed Mortgage Payment Calculator - Provides numerous valuable tools for prospective buyers surfing your website - $FREE:
    • Real Estate Website Agents Add-On Module - $500.00 **
    • Real Estate "Mobile Smart Search" - $200.00 - MLS Number Search module and IDX property details for mobile devices **
    • (limit of photo's to display on individual properties is 18.)

  • All dynamically built (PHP/MYSQL) web sites are subject to hourly programming charges for personal customization after initial sites are approved and implemented at an hourly rate of $90.00/hour with a half hour minimum. **

3. Web Design - Item Charges

  • Web site Add-on Modules
    • Development & Install Custom Module (depending on complexity and content) - $500.00
    • Add WordPress or Joomla Blog to existing hosted website:
      $200.00 each - (Custom Skin $200 extra - Software is robust but has certain restrictions)
    • Slide Shows:
      Flash - $60 (updates extra) not supported for mobile
      Javascript - $80 (updates - $10.00)

delaware internet advertizing 4.SPONSORSHIPS On

Banners, buttons or text link packages available on our high traffic flagship site Often websites that are not hosted by us will purchase banners, buttons or links packages in order to benefit from the 200,000 plus visits per month to Beach-Net. A banner or button purchase includes a free banner or button design or you can supply your own to us. Banner or button purchases also include 3 free links in appropriate areas of Links packages include 3 links in appropriate places on Beach-Net.

  • Links Packages - 3 text links on appropriate pages - $35.00/month annually.
  • Buttons are available on major section pages for $75 a month, double buttons for $150.
  • 1"x7" banner link to your ad or site at the top of a Beach-Net! page are $200 per month for major section pages; $100 per month for other pages.
  • Beach Cam website sponsorship rates minimum 4 months at $250/mo. Five or more months at $200.00/mo. for Bethany Cam, Ocean City Cam, and

Additional High Traffic Sponsorships available on:


We will be glad to consult with you on obtaining Internet access or designing your own Website pages. Our consulting fees are $90 per hour plus travel expenses for businesses and $45 per hour for schools and non-profit organizations.


  • All Advertising will be sold on a yearly basis.
  • Links must be paid for in advance.
  • Ads, sponsorships and site contracts will be billed monthly.

* Email notice - Coastal Images Inc. &/or Beach-net is not liable or responsible for lost or corrupted data in any email box or email transmission. Email Boxes have a 50 MG limit.
**All special coding for websites is copyrighted and proprietary to Coastal Images Inc. and used by license to that site by Coastal Images Inc. as part of the hosting fee. No "website" or website owner owns the special programming or scripts done for that site if the hosting service is terminated with Coastal Images Inc. All customer artwork, photographs and text copy remain the property of the customer and may be copied by them or returned to them as the situation warrants.

-- There will be a $200.00 reinstatement fee for putting websites back up that were taken down for any reason.

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